Exotic Drinks

Escape to chocolate nirvana with one of our internationally inspired beverages. Experience chocolate paradise when you sip one of our exotically spiced and alcohol-free chocolate “martinis”. A true chocolate aphrodisiac!

Aztec Cocahuatl

An “authentic” spicy, red hot chocolate served in a martini glass, blended with Venezuelan cocoa (contains no milk)

Chocolate Mintini

Rich hot cocoa infused with a hint of crème de menthe and garnished with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and crushed mint chocolate pieces

Chocolate Mousse Martini

A rich layer of cool, dark chocolate mouse topped with a hot and frothy vanilla cream foam topping and dusted with imported cocoa. Simply Sinful!


Italian espresso and Belgian hot chocolate frothed to perfection and topped with a dusting of Venezuelan cocoa.


A rich and hot frothy Mexican chocolate with a dusting of Venezuelan cocoa


Hand made caramel is drizzled with hot fudge into a martini glass, then we add our classic hot chocolate and top with whipped cream, more drizzle and crushed pecans

Venezuelan Voodoo

A myseteriously dark and intense tipping chocolate made from Venezuelan cocoa, the workld’s finest cocoa with swirls of Venezuelan cocoa in a martini glass.


An extreme dark hot chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa, dark 70 percent chocolate shavings and a shot of espresso. The ultimate Aztec “Martini”