Our Menu

With over 35 Specialty Drinks from Rich Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Martinis to thick Malts and refreshing Smoothies, our exclusive chocolate drinks are custom blended. We use only the finest cocoas including Venezuelan Cocoa, the world’s finest. Our selection of over a dozen signature rich hot chocolates are perfectly frothed after melting real Belgian chocolate ranging from 55% to 70% cocoa content. Order the Venezuelan Voodoo™ or the Dark Decadence™ for maximum chocolate intensity and enjoy a decadent healthy drink under 100 calories. For a sweet and creamy drink, try Le Chocolat’s signature Mexicocoa™ “con leche” or the spicy red cacao Aztec Cocahuatl™, which is similar to what Moctezuma II used to imbibe around 1200 A.D., but sweetened slightly for the American palette *. Our signature Aztec Cocahuatl™ hot chocolate will taste more like the one that the Spanish enjoyed heartily after the addition of cane sugar. For the closest to the real thing here in America, enjoy a decadent drink from Le Chocolat. We believe the only place better is Belgium or Europe, but our hundreds of international customers tell us our chocolates and drinks surpass even those they have tasted in their travels.

* The Aztecs and Maya had no sugar at all in their daily diet.Cane sugar was introduced by the Spanish Conquistadors after they found the Cocahuatl “bitter water” drink too bitter for their taste.


Exotic Drinks

Escape to chocolate nirvana with one of our internationally inspired beverages. Experience chocolate paradise when you sip one of our exotically spiced and alcohol-free chocolate “martinis”. A true chocolate aphrodisiac!

Gourmet Hot Chocolates

From classical, comforting hot chocolate to unique international cocoas, our gourmet hot chocolates will satisfy your chocolate craving and sooth your soul.


Mochas and Lattes

Our mochas and lattes are perfectly blended from imported Italian espresso and rich Belgian chocolate. With a wide variety of selections, you are sure to find one that will tantalize your taste buds and stimulate your mind.

Decadent Desserts

A luscious dark chocolate layer cake made with real Bailey’s and stacked with layers of decadent Milk Chocolate Bailey’s Mousse. One of the Owner’s favorites!